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Fiberglass material makes the gear more durable and powerful. It feels similar to carbon, but it is much cheaper, lighter and less rigid than pieces with a high carbon content. This high fiberglass content causes the stick be generally easier to maneuver and, although it is less powerful gives the same high-end feel as carbon hockey sticks.

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Wood pieces are often wrapped or reinforced with fiberglass to make them more durable and to add strength and power. Yet, they have a natural feel and gives the player solid control. Amarid, or Kevlar, helps with shock absorption during striking and receiving balls. A composite field hockey stick that contains aramid makes for a great stick for less experienced players. Hockey sticks have four different toe designs. The Shorti is best for offensive players while, t he midi toe design is the most common and makes for easy dribbling, flicking, receiving and reverse play.

Because it is so easy to use, it is most suitable for beginner players. Maxi and hook designs have more power and are better for defensive players. As players progress from beginners to advanced to elite level, the bow type suitable to their game also changes. Beginner players require a regular bow where the curve is closer to the handle.

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Elite players use field hockey sticks where the curve is closer to the bottom. A regular bow gives a well-rounded performance. It has a midi toe which is excellent for midfielders. The stick is slightly geared towards female players but overall provides great value at its price. Depending on your technique its not highly recommended for drag flicks.

The Cranberry Breakaway has a maxi toe shape and is a good cheap field hockey stick for defensive players as it is best for wide striking and solid power.

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Its fiberglass composition makes for excellent power with good vibration absorption. The toe shape also highly helps with developing dribbling skills! Kitting out a goali e is a completely different ballgame. It has a late bow and is aimed at more serious goalies.