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Or any of the Mandala's? I'd love to do a solid color border on a blanket that I used Wizard for, and I have several more rolls of different Mandala's that I will be using soon. I've only tried the Bernat Pop! I loved the softness of it in the finished scarf cashmere-like but fluffy. But I found working with it extremely frustrating because it's SO smooth and frictionless that I had a dickens of a time keeping the tension tight enough -- the yarn kept slipping through my feed-hand fingers!

I knit American style, perhaps if I could do European it would be better.

The Difference in Bernat Pop! Yarn Cakes, Caron Cakes, Mandala and Sweet Rolls

Am I missing something? My question would be what is the length of yarn before each color change in each of the brands?! I knew it's an odd.. And maybe a time consuming question but it works make a huge difference in which i would purchase for certain projects. I don't know the exact yardage, but all of these are much longer than I thought originally.

I also try to make sure I purchase cakes that start and end at the same color or abouts so that I can better plan my projects, if that makes sense. I have tried them all and currently working with Bernat Pop.. I am knitting a shawl and I find that the yarn is rather firm when knitted up and do not think it will drape very well..

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Though the 4 rating is medium, it more a light bulky. Found your article today after being curious about the Mandala and Pop! I've played with the Sweet Roll yarns, I really like them but I'm thinking that Mandala would make a fab lightweight cardi for fall. Picking a color way may be difficult.

Yes, I have several n yet to make anything. Saving them for scarves n hats; hand wash because of the wool. I machine wash articles I've made with Caron cakes. I use gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. I haven't had any problems. No wonder we can't find any in the stores. Look on Amazon. People with Amazon "stores" have bought it up and they are selling it at a pretty hefty mark-up. What noticed about the Mandalas n the Pops is that they are more money online Walmart. If you want a real treat, try Ice Yarns Cakes. The color changes are more subtle and the yarn itself is a joy to work with.

I am curious as to which ones have the shorter color runs. I have knit with the Caron cakes and the color run seems very long.

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Great review! Would love to try the Mandala; however, we don't choose to shop at WalMart, so the limitation of one vendor to fulfill the frenzy, is a bit frustrating. One thing people may or may not know - there are more colors of Caron available through Michaels. My Bernat Pop! Got some Pop yarn at Wal-Mart and I need more. I was told that it had been discontinued. Where can I get more? I have been to stores in all The county's around my hometown.

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Please help. I live in Ohio not far from Dayton. Just having no luck in finding more pop yarn. I live in Texas, we have a bunch still in stock at our walmart here. I even went back and got a couple more today.

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  • I hope you find some! Have you thought about ordering online? Best of luck! I was told it was being discontinued, then a month or so later that it was back with new labels. I hope the same thing happened at your store. Super review! I found some mandala in south hill va. Need at least one more cake. Cant find it here in pa.

    Can you post a picture of the color or the label? Or email me. I live in Suffolk Va, not too far from South Hill. I would be willing to check my local stores and send you some if I can find it. Thank you for your insight here -- I don't have anywhere near me I can actually get my hands on two of these yarns sad face. You updated that you were able to get some of the Mandala and work with it, and those gloves are super-gorgeous, but you didn't mention how you thought the yarn felt in comparison to the other three; do you have any thoughts?

    Also, any thoughts on how these yarns feel in comparison to Caron Simply Soft? You can also order it from Knitting Warehouse. Their shipping is pretty fast.

    20kgs Ice Yarns Haul, Unboxing & Yarn Review

    Oh I do wish we could get these in the U. I can buy them online but the postage costs more than the yarn. Do you know if the Bernat Pop yarn will be available in all Walmart stores? I've not been able to find it at any of the four Walmart stores that are near me. Apparently the Mandala is only going to be in stores. Only one near me has had it and I only found two cakes.

    I bought two sets of the Mandala at the Walmart nearest my home. The other Walmart's either never stocked them, or by the time I looked, did not have all of them. I couldn't make myself buy an incomplete set! Now the Bernet Pop! I found today by accident, at a Walmart I don't always shop at, and only found 9 which I though was weird. So, I went to two other Walmart's, and found nothing! I know the one by my house doesn't have them, just a few remaining Mandalas have two more Walmart's I can check out, with in an hour from my home, so this crazy yarn lady is on a mission!

    I tried to look for a complete list of Bernet Pop! Any know where I can find a list, and possibly purchase more, if Walmart does not have them?

    Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarn | JOANN

    I bought this yarn because I was curious about the reflective effects, and it really works! All colours are very nice, I personally adore the red I've bought - not Rudolph-nose bright nor too dark, very stylish. This is beautiful. I don't normally knit with cotton but a friend showed me this yarn and. I had to order immediately. It arrived quickly. I am knitting a lace summer stole.

    It shows the pattern beautifully and the colour change is very subtle. I ordered from Hobbii for the first time and received my order so fast that I could buy more Cookie on sale.

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    I bought a few of these earlier this year. This is a great cotton yarn with nice, intense colours which is very easy to work with. The finished items crochet look beautiful, with a structured, professional appearance. I haven't tried washing anything yet, but so far I'm very impressed and will definitely be buying this brand again. Bought this yarn as a composite bag not sure how the colour combination would work out. The yarn is good quality and the colour combinations allow great versatility.

    I have already made a child bag, a woman's cloche hat with a bow in a different colour,, socks and have lots of other ideas in mind. Great value for money. I really like the type of yarn.

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